Wednesday, March 01, 2006

We will not be serving chips and salsa or a variety of pizzas at the wedding!!

WE FOUND A CATERER!!! YAY!! I'm so happy!! Jared went to go see this one that my friend recommended, actually it's a family friend and Jared liked her!! I am so glad...because I was beginning to worry a little!! But we have one!! And she is reasonably priced and the food sounds SO good. Plus she a decorator that she works with which is going to be so helpful, then we won't have to look for someone. I can finally check this off my list.

Nothing new and exciting, just the usual work and wedding stuff!! We're going to get some paper and envelopes to make some invitations this weekend. My project for Spring break which will begin next Friday, I am so excited...but I do have a tons of stuff I need to do.

Just found out by receiving an email that the stamp store that I ordered the stmaps from is closing. I cannot believe it!! They've been close to my house for 10 years. Thank God I ordered the stamps before then, could you imagine?

My half sister is coming over on Saturday which should be interesting..stay tuned I will let everyone know how it goes..maybe take some pictures...hope everyone is well..YAY the weekend is almost here!!


Darcy said...

Oh no!!! Your stamp store is closing!? That is horrible news! Hope there is another one close.. =/

maria said...

So cool about the caterer! And I'm w/ you too, can't wait for the weekend!!!

sarah said...

hurray for getting a caterer!
One less thing to worry about, right?!

Sad news about your local stamping store...hate it when that kind of thing happens, but luckily you got your wedding stamps first! whew!

Kat said...

yea for finding the caterer!
bummer about the stamp store : (

Alexandra Wieckowski said...

YAY! I love reading about your wedding plans :) Hope all goes well with the visit with your half-sis. :)

Jamie said...

That's a huge bummer about the store.

But a huge YAY on the caterer! Woo hoo! Congrats on that one!

I hope your weekend is awesome! :)

Raina_Marie said...

Hope your weekend is great.

Have fun with your half sister, I hope she's around for good now.

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Muriel said...

how about serving some pigs feet or pickled eggs?

you think your guest might enjoy that?

he he