Saturday, March 25, 2006


Things are good!! Thanks for all your thoughts and advice with all the bridesmaid drama. I'm going to see how it goes and if my friend continues, I will talk to her.

I'm feeling happy!! Last night there was a fundraiser at the Flying Beaver, which is the pub that both Jen and Mike work and they had a fundraiser for Mike. first, Mike was able to go home yesterday, which is totally awesome. And I know that both Mike and Jen are happy!! He still cannot walk but, gets around in a wheelchair, which is fine because it won't be for much longer!!

The fundraiser was a huge success!! Jen and I went together. I picked her up from their place!! It was good to see her and we just chatted the whole way there!! At the fundraiser there was acouple of silent auction items up for a bid, including a weekend away in Whistler, tickets to a canucks game,win a houseboat for the weekend. And a really cool looking Martini basket!! There was a 50/50 draw and people were able to make donations!! Jen and I just basically hung out at the bar, chatted and drank a bit...a -lot of people came up to talk to her too. She said she felt a little overwhelmed with everything!! But we had a good time just chatting about a ton of stuff and hanging. Jared helped out with the fundraiser, and I got to spend a bit of time with him!! He was all dressed up, and looked so incredibly handsome!! Lucky me!! It was a hige success, and a-lot of money was raised, which is so awesome!!

This afternoon, I hung out with Mike and Jen. went over to their place, Jared had a soccer game!! We went to Michaels, Mike and Jen live across the street from it!! We walked over and Mike went in his wheelchair, Jen pushing and him doing it himself!! He did awesome!! He was quite tired after!!

So, while he hung out on the couch, and some other friends came over and hung out with him!! Jen and I were being crafty in the kitchen!! She's making a whole bunch of thankyou cards, and I started on the wedding invitations...we're getting there slowly!! We have 90 to make, it's going to be a bit of time!! Will post pics when I am done!! It was a fun afternoon!! I'm so glad Jen and I are getting really close, she's fun, easy to talk too, and just an awesome friend. I'm also so happy that things for both Mike and Jen is going to be okay!! Was a big scare!!

Tomorrow Jared and I are meeting with the caterer and the decorator and probably working more on the invitations....I was tagged by Maria
which I will post later...have an awesome weekend!!


Kat said...

glad to hear that your friend is doing so much better, and that you're so happy! good luck on the invites- can't wait to see them : )

sarah said...

hurray for happy weekends!
glad you and Jen had such a fun time...and that Mike is doing so well!
such happy news! :)


maria said...

Glad you had a great weekend! Glad to hear that you had such a good weekend...

Raina_Marie said...

Very good news about Mike.

I almost wanna visit you just so that I can say I visited the Flying Beaver.

Darcy said...

Can't wait to see your invites.. GOOD LUCK!! That's gotta take SO much time!!!

Jamie said...

Oh yay for your friend!!!!

Renee said...

So happy that things are going good for you and your friend.
Wedding planning is so much fun! I love it! :)