Monday, March 13, 2006

Thankyou so much all your thoughts and prayers for Mike and his fiancee Jen. I am happy to say that he is doing good, and things are looking really well all it's going to take now is time!! He went in on Thursday afternoon for surgery to get pins put into his ankles, and that went well. He's still out of it because of all the drugs. The only thing that they're still waiting to take a look at is his lower lumbar...which is at the lower end of the spine near the tailbone. It's still very swollen and they to get in to look and see but, it will have to wait. Hopefully it will be okay. He can move his legs and arms so, that's good. On Saturday he was a little bit awake, and that he drank some water and gave Jen a kiss, which is awesome!! He still doesn't really know what is going on and who everybody is but at least he gave Jen a kiss and figures she's important to him!! Which is awesome!! He's also been mumbling Chicago a-lot, Chicago this and that...kind of funny!! All the times that Jared has gone to see Mike he's been wearing something of the Chicago Bears..his fave football team so, we think he might be asking for Jared. But I'm glad that he's going to be okay. We're told that he might get to go home next week, which is so awesome!!

I'm still in shock over what happened, thankful that Mike is going to be okay and will be there at our wedding standing next to Jared. But when things like this happen it totally makes you think about your life and enjoying things and enjoying each and every day. For me it's the first time that someone close has nearly left us, yes I've had my grandparents pass away but, I was younger and they lived either in Mexico or in the Netherlands so it was different. Just going to live each day to the fullest, enjoy it and not take it for granted. Just something I've been thinking...

Now some pictures..we found the bridesmaids dresses though I would share some pics...

My good friend Sam also a bridesmaid and I modelling the bridesmaid dress!!

Now here are a couple of layouts, I've done!! Now that I am on Spring Break will be doing a ton more!!!

Jared and his Bears!!

The baby of the family!! Olga, I still cannot believe that she will be turning 20 in June!!

My sister Olga and her almost car!!

That's it for now, going to go and enjoy my first day of Spring break..gonna go and meet the lady who's going to make our wedding cake, I know it will be chocolate for sure!!!


sarah said...

hey val!
So very glad that Mike is getting better! So funny about mumbling Chicago...sounds like he is asking for Jared! :)
Such happy news!

LOVE your layouts girl! They are awesome, I love the Go Bears one a lot!

Raina_Marie said...

What a relief that Mike is doing better.

And that bridesmaid dress looks very similar to one of my bridesmaid dresses. (I let the 3 wear three different styles as long as they were lavender)

Jamie said...

I'm so glad that your friend is doing better! That's awesome!

I already praised your LO's! Yay!

maria said...

Love your layouts! Great job as always! Thanks for the inspiration! And I'm so glad to hear the good news about Mike!

I'm so there with you about living life to its fullest while we have the chance!

Have a great week!

Kat said...

so glad that your friend is getting better. thats so scary. but he's getting better, and thats important!!!
love the bridesmaid dress, and all your layouts rock!!! i need to get my booty over to 2peas to leave you a little praise love ; )

April said...

so glad he's doing better....
love the layouts!