Friday, February 08, 2008


So, I'm here still. After my last post I bascially got really sick and was home for the rest of the week. No school, just me lying in bed sleeping all day and then moving to the couch and back to the bed. Saw the doctor and I got some antibiotics, feeling better just have this really bad cough left. But I put on Vicks Vaporub before I go to bed and it totally puts me to sleep. The smell reminds me of when I was little and my mom used to put it on me when I was sick.

The rest of this week has been all about playing catch up with life. Kind of sucks but we are back on track so that's good.

Super excited that today is Friday. I am going with my sister, mom and my sister's soon to be in laws across the border for some shopping. We are going wedding dress shopping first and then doing a little more shopping of other kinds after. I am excited!! I hope I find some good finds..on the hunt for some new clothes..maybe swing by at some scrappy stores we shall see. If not will have to save that for when I go with Connie. Have to get up early not, looking forward to that. Oh well!!

Hope everyone has a good weekend!!


BR@NDY said...

FUN!!!! I am glad you are feeling better.'ve been tagged. Check out my blog for instructions.

Jill said...

your weekend sounds like fun =) hope you stay feeling better!