Monday, December 03, 2007


I had a good and relaxing weekend!! It snowed all weekend over here. And it was so nice to stay inside, nice and warm!! I didn't have anywhere to go so I stayed home!! And i was busy being creative!! Made lots of things!! Did some scrappies and worked on some Christmas gifts that I am making for friends and family. Will share later. But for now here I what I made...

Love how these pretty snowflakes came out!! And of course when I was done there was glitter on me and everywhere else.

And now some pages, they are all from the Sistv collections. I finally had a chance to play with them!! Cannot wait to do some more!! I love these collections they are so easy to use and so fun!!

Love how the pages came out!! I did most of these pages on Saturday!! And Sunday I was busy creating in the kitchen. Made a new recipe in the slow cooker, Tamale Pie it turned out really yummy and I baked some Oatmeal and Raisin Cookies so yummy!! Something about snow and cold just makes you want to cook and bake.

Jared was home all of Sunday too, he was busy watching his Bears game. Which unfortunately they lost. I also worked on another mini album that I'm almost done and then I will post!! I still have to post the mini I made about Hawaii.

And we watched Desperate Housewives, what's going to happen to Tom and the kids? And watched also Brothers and Sisters, I am so happy that Kitty and Robert got married. Sometimes I wish how fun it would be to join in on one of their family get togethers, I know it's only tv but still. Can't wait to see what happens next.

The snow was still here when I woke up this morning but, it's starting to rain so, unfortunately I don't think school will be having a snow day!! Which is too bad 'cause I was kind of thinking it would be nice to get all creative again today!!

Also wanted to say thank you to everybody for all the wonderful comments from my last post. Getting to be chosen for the catwalk has totally made my week or even more..year but, it was a total boost of confidence!!

Hope you all have a good week!! Be back soon!!


BR@NDY said...

those snowflakes are so cute! Great minds think alike...crockpot on Sunday too, except I made chili. I think we should chat sometime, IM, phone, whatever.

Kristi *sweet* Sauer said...

Loving your scrappies!!

melissa said...

more fabulous layouts! and those snowflakes are too fun :)

em said...

Love the new layout! :)