Thursday, March 06, 2008


Happy March!! Happy thursday!! One more day and it's the weekend!! YAY!! I just have to get through one more day of parent/teacher conferences!! Wish me luck!! Actually not too worried, should be easy!!

Have been keeping up with the daily cards, quite proud of myself. And every night when I sit down at my desk to make one, I get excited with lots of ideas in my head. It's helping me stay creative which is good.

Sorry for the wonky scans, still trying to figure that out!!

Have a good weekend everybody!! It's supposed to nice and sunny over here, looking forward to that!!


~currant7 said...

great cards! i wish i have the same dedications that you have to do the daily cards. :)

left something for you on my blog,

Dayami said...

Loving the cards! Have you ever seen the MACM (makeacardmonday) videos?? Kristina does awesome cards too, she is on my blog section in case you want to see it.
It was actually cold here this morning.
Thanks for your sweet comments on the blog.

BR@NDY said...

I think you should continue to make these! You are rockin them!