Wednesday, March 26, 2008

That's All

Back to school today. Kind of sucks. Feel like I didn't do anything except recover from the surgery. It's going god. Still sore but I got the play doh taken out which is good..cannot wait to eat normal food. Still eating kind of soft food, eating my lunch which is my mom's refried beans...YUM!! But it seems that now I am going back to school I am feeling all inspired and wanting to scrap. Didn't do any scrapping over the break. Did some shopping and re-organzing. That's it. But these are the only two pages I did. The photo of Jared is printed off my new photo printer..super excited to play with it more.

Have a good Wednesday!!


Kristi S said...

Lovely layouts! Glad you're feeling better....

Barb said...

Glad you're on the way to recovery. So sorry that means you have to go back to work!

Dayami said...

Hey you,
Happy to hear you are feeling better. Loving the page.

Dayami said...

oh btw I sooo wanted to tell you before but *I think* now is the time to say, I FREAKING LOVE GOING TO THE DENTIST!!! I LITERALLY ask my dentist to do weird stuff and to use gadgets on my mouth...I love it!!!! hahahahahhahah

Levi said...

just chking in to see whats new