Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Catwalk

Exciting news!! So, I made the catwalk over at SIS this week. Super excited about it!! Especially since I wasn't too crazy about my page!! Total boost of confidence!!

Check me out here

And I finished my Fashion ATC, and absolutely LOVE how they turned out!! I was inspired by the little black dress!!

So glad that it's Thursday today and Friday is tomorrow. Although Jared is gone this weekend for a soccer tournament in Whistler. So, it's just me this weekend!! Have a conference on Saturday and on Sunday I am going bridesmaid dress shopping with my sister, excited about that!!

Hope you all had a good week and have a very good weekend!!


sarah said...

congrats on the catwalk Val!
how VERY exciting!
and I love your page!!!

Kristi said...

congrats...that sounds cool! Love the layout and cards!

BR@NDY said...

I just knew that layout would make it! It is so IRL it's crazy! I can't wait to see the ATC in person! Happy Friday!

Muriel said...

I like those ATCs!!

Bekka said...

Hey Valerie! I just found your blog through Brandy's! :D

Dayami said...

OH MY!!! Congratulations!!!! That is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well deserved.
ps I am loving the atcs!

Greta Adams said...

congrats on the catwalk and love your atc's!!