Sunday, September 11, 2005

First Week Back and I get sick...

My first week at school has been good. All the children were excited to come back to school, as well as the teachers I guess. We only have 6 new children which is good, because there isn't as much running around after them. The older children help out a-lot too, with the younger ones especially. Needless to say, Friday morning I woke up with a cold. It was bound to happen, last year in the first week of school I got sick as well. I went to school, but I cancelled tutoring what also kind of sucked is that I wasn't feeling well for my Dad's birthday either. We had a dinner, some cake and opened presents. It was fun!! My dad really liked all his presents. But by nine o'clock I was done, I went to bed. Now it is Sunday, and I feel better just a cough that is left. Yesterday, I was just really tired didn't do too much. There goes my weekend, that sucks. It's a countdown until Friday and the weekend begins. I'm so bad!!

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