Tuesday, September 06, 2005

A good celebration

Yesterday Jared took me out to lunch, to celebrate the end of summer break and the beginning of a new school year. We went to the Flying Beaver, a pub near the airport also where his good friend Mike works. I swear Jared knows almost everybody in Richmond, everywhere we go he sees someone he knows. I get introduced to so many people, half the time I forget. As soon as we walked in there was a table of about ten people, they were all the people that Jared had served drinks for the night before at the wedding he bartendered. So, met many more new people and they all talked about the wedding. Had to wait for a seat to sit, 'cause it was so busy. I kept wondering how many of these people were teachers? We finally sat down, and then some friend of Jared's from when he used to work at the Keg asked if she could sit down with us until her friends came, so she did and we chatted away. In the meantime, I kept getting martinis appearing from time to time. Eventually things started to spin, also 'cause I needed some food. The appys came, and Jared's friend friends came so it was just the two of us. I loved it, spending time with Jared is always good. He's so busy, and now that school starts again my schedule will change and I can't forget that football has also started again woohoo!! So, it was nice just spending time with my honey. And guess who came into the Beaver too?! Jason Priestley, can you believe it? Now I've seen two famous people in my life Jamie Oliver and Jason Priestly. Pretty cool!! Well I just wanted to write about how much fun I had with Jared, a good celebration. Now let's see how school goes this afternoon.

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