Thursday, July 12, 2007

Going to celebrate...

It's been so nice and hot the past couple of days!! Totally loving it!! So, Jared and I leave tomorrow for our friend's Mike and Jen's wedding. We're going up to Salmon Arm, which is about a five hour car!! And then we're going on a houseboat and spending the weekend on the houseboat. The wedding will be on a beach, which will be cool!! Looking forward to it!! Kind of wish that for our first wedding anniversary we'd be alone and maybe somewhere else. But I guess it'll have to do. We are going to celebrate on our own on Monday night or next weekend with a dinner!! But we will be taking a bottle of champagne up with us to celebrate with!!

Have been enjoying my little garden this summer!! I am so proud of it!! Love my sweet peas!! Totally takes me back to being a kid and having them in the garden at my parents house. And they smell so good!!

My little garden paradise!! I will share more pics of my little garden soon!!

Because the first wedding anniversary is paper. I decided to make Jared a little mini album of reasons why I am loving being married to him and why I love him so much!! I thought I would share the cover, a sneak peek!! I just finished it, have been working away at it for the past two days!! Love how it turned out!!

Well I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!! I will be back with lots of pictures!! And happy one year to my you!!

Still cannot believe it's been a year!! Ciao!!


Alice Valentine said...

How awesome!! LOVE the book!! Wonderful job darlin!

So... you'll be away this weekend, but I think I'll stop by your place and put the albums in your mail box. I hope that's ok, I just really want to get them to you!

Happy One Year!

Barb said...

I agree--can't believe it's been a year.

I bet he'll love the mini.

Levi said...

I can't wait to see more of this album!!!!

BR@NDY said...

love your garden...little miss green thumb! Your album is beautiful! I bet he just loved it!

melissa said...

wow your album is adorable!-love it

and happy 1st anniversary, so wonderful :)