Monday, July 23, 2007

Our One Year Wedding Anniversary

I know I'm a little late, I should've posted earlier but life has been a bit busy!! Which is always good. But Jared and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary last Sunday, the 15th but we waited until last Monday to do anything because of our trip.

Jared was an absolute sweetheart, I absolutely loved his gift!! I got flowers, a very pretty arrangement which according to him will only get bigger as the years go by!! YAY!! And a card. Now the one year is paper so, Jared got me a gift certificate to the scrapbook store YAY!! But there's a catch..we have to go together because we're going to make a scrap page of our anniversary how sweet!! I am so touched, at least he but some thought into it, It means so much!!

We went out for dinner, very good dinner. At a restaurant called Charlie Don't Surf, it's out in White Rock, which is maybe a half an hour drive from our place. All the restaurants are along a boardwalk that look out onto the water. Very pretty!! Had some drinks and good food!!

We haven't gone to the scrap store yet, he worked and was in a soccer tournament all weekend!! So it's our date night tonite. We're going for sushi and then we are going to go and see Jared's sister and her new fiance!! Should be fun!! Promise to post some scrappy pages soo, have been a bit of a scrap machine!! Hope you all had a good weekend!!


sarah said...

aw, what a sweet first anniversary!

Alice Valentine said...

How cute!! Sounds like you've got a good catch there :)