Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Wedding and Houseboating

Jared and I both had such a good time up in Salmon Arm!! We totally needed it just being away and hanging out the two of us!! And the wedding so fun, very low key , we enjoyed ourselves.

The drive up on Friday was awful!! So long and so hot!! The air conditioner in the car was not working and if you opened the windows you got warm air!! It was a long five hour drive!! When we arrived in Salmon Arm, we still had to wait for everybody else that was on our boat so, we did some grocery shopping and got some refreshments at the liquor store. The weather was also acting so weird once we met up with some of the people on our houseboat. We had some light rain, which felt really good after all the heat and then some really strong warm winds..really weird!! We even saw a wind tunnel in the water, very cool!! We finally got the boat and got on and rode along the water to find a beach to "park" the boat. The breeze felt so cool and nice!! For those of you that don't know a houseboat is basically a house that floats. It has everything in it that a house has. A kitchen, living room, a bathroom, tons of bedrooms, an upper deck with a hot tub, a slide to slide into the lake, a bar, and one more uppper deck with a place to sit and look out!! Very cool!!

Friday night we went to bed early, somewhat 'cause the wedding was at 11am on Saturday!! Jared and I did not sleep at all, it was so HOT and we were just sweating, it was like a sauna!! Very gross!!

Saturday morning woke up and walked down to the beach for the wedding!! Jen looked so pretty in her white summer dress and Mike in his shory pants and nice shirt!! It was a quick and short ceremony!!

The aisle along rhe beach was lined up with shells and then at the top it had Mike and Jen's initials and a heart, it looked so nice!!

And a pic of jared and I..I tried to take as many of us together as I could, we barely have any pics of us together this past year!!

For the rest of the afternoon, we had free. The "reception" wasn't really until later!! So Jared and I and a couple of other guys went tubing!! Tons of fun!! We first tried the two of us, but it didn't really work!!

So, we had to go each on our own, and I was a little nervous...especially with all boys on the boat and driving the boat too!! But I was reassured, and it was tons of fun!! I may be hard to see, 'cause Jared forgot to zoom in, but that's me!!

For Jared's turn they really went wild with him, but he hung on!!

And a cute picture of Jared and I on the boat!!

Tons of fun!! I wish we could've gone again before we left..next time I guess!!

Later that night we had the reception, very casual!! We basically hung out, sitting and drinking and chatting away!! we had tiki torches lined up along the beach, it was good!! And Jared and I celebrated a mini one anyway our 1year wedding anniversary..just lots of kissing and hugs :) Good times!!

We left Sunday!! But we were basically on the road the whole time and when we got home Jared and I went for dinner with his parents. They bought us dinner for our anniversary, it was good!! I got to hear a whole bunch of stories of Jared when he was little and playing soccer and all the politics that go along with it!! I never knew but, I will post another post of our anniversary!! Right now I need to go and organize my desk so I can hopefully do some scrapping!! An anniversary post to come..he loved the album by the way!!Later!!


sarah said...

oooh! sounds way fun!
i love tubing...
haven't done it in ages though!

happy anniversary!

Kristi Sauer said...

Looks very fun, too bad it was so darn hot! happy Anniversary!

Alice Valentine said...

I love tubing!! Glad you had a fun weekend!

Paperbagdaisy said...

glad you had a good time! happy anniversary!!

Jill said...

yay, happy anniversary!! tubing is so fun, we used to do that all the time. looks like a fun wedding & weekend!

Mandy said...

Looks like you had a great time!! :)

~currant7 said...

happy anniversary!
glad that everything turned out so much fun. :D great photos. TYFS!

monica said...

tubing, haven't done that in years. looks like you guys had a blast!!!!