Friday, November 18, 2005

Congrats to Vanessa!!!

I am so proud of my sister. After so much determination, perserverance and tons of practicing French with her, she finally got her flight attendant job. YAY for her!! She will be working for Air Canada Jazz. She leaves for Toronto on the 29th of this month. Her training is six weeks, and then she's on probation for 6 months. And she will be gone for that time too. SO it kind of sucks because it looks like she will miss Christmas and my engagement party. As long as she is here for the wedding, she's my maid of honour. I am so happy for her but I know I will miss her tons.

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April said...

aw!! congrats to your sisser!

i added you to my yahoo list..hee hee...i always forget to sign into msn. slacker, i know.