Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Jared's Birthday Celebration

I know it's wednesday, and we're all ready for the weekend that's coming up but I still wanted to post a little bit about Jared's 28th bday. First off it totally did not go as planned. My whole surprise that I had planned, to make him dinner and have a very romantic night. Nope didn't go. Let's just say that I was very upset, all because I was really excited about cooking him dinner. And I was going to cook chicken curry, and I don't cook. That's why it was such a big deal. And I made him a plate full of cupcakes and everything too. Oh well! So, we ended up having dinner with his family on Saturday night, which was fine. Then we, me, Jared, his brother Josh and his girlfriend Tanya went to O'Hares pub for some birthday drinks. Which was fun. Jared then phoned a whole bunch of his friends to come and join us. Needless to say all his friends bought a whole bunch of drinks and shooters so Jared was feeling pretty good after. Jared gets very moody when he's had too much to drink and he wants to pick fights with everybody. Not a-lot of fun!! So i got to take care of him, lucky me!! He insisted that he wanted to go to another pub, but I told him no that he was going home to go to bed. And everyone else was going home too.He was a bit difficult but by 10:40pm Jared was passed out snoring. I was tired too. We're such old farts!! Jared did tell me that it was the BEST birthday he's ever had. So that did make me feel a little bit better, but still. So, we ended up cooking Indian food on Monday night, actually Jared did most of the work. That's okay, I just want Jared happy that's all that matters to me.

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April said...

aw that sounds fun! until you had to do the taking care of part...hee hee! oh well, all in the name of good b-days, i guess!