Monday, November 07, 2005

Busy, Busy, Busy

I had a good weekend, got to see tons of Jared which is always good. Saturday was College football so, of course it was spent watching Notre Dame. I always watch just so I could listen to the marching band. If there was marching band at my high school I would've SO joined. But we don't have that here in Canada. I guess I can only dream. hahaha!! We watched the game on the couch all cuddled up under the blanket, it was nice. And we actually did watch the whole game!!! Jared's been talking about going to Indiana, right? To watch a game, and I would so go with him. Of course to go and watch the marching band, take tons of pics and check out some scrapbook stores. Maybe next year for his b-day. Might have to start planning soon!!

Sunday was spent looking for some stamps to make our engagement party invitations. Which I did find, and hanging out with my youngest sister in Steveston. One of our fave places to go. We had coffee and dessert. I had my fave cheesecake; lemon chocolate. It was so yummy!! I wonder if would taste good as a wedding cake? Later, that night Jared and I went out to dinner with his family to Spaghetti Factory. To celebrate Jared's brothers b-day!! So I got to see all of my future in laws, which is good, haven't seen them all in awhile. Jared is so lucky too that he still has all 4 of his grandparents. I always so envious, he has always said that they are my grandparents too, but now it's official. Jared was so tired, he was pretty much falling asleep at the table. He'd only had 4 hours of sleep because he slept on the couch. His brother, sister and him went out Saturday night to celebrate his brothers b-day, and because his sister slept over at his house, he gave her his bed and he slept on the couch, not too comfortable. Poor him!!

Today Jared spent the afternoon stamping, while I was at work. He was helping with the engagement party invites, he looked so cute, I'll post pics later. I will definelty scrap those pics for our engagemnt album. He's at soccer tonight so I get to continue with the invites, and tonight is CSI:Miami, I'm excited. Jared has gotten me hook.

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April said...

sounds like a fun weekend, girl! so glad your man is helpin you w/ stuff. that rocks.