Monday, November 28, 2005

My Weekend

Let's see, my weekend....Saturday I got together with my friend Jen to make some Christmas cards and to go and check out Michaels and the scrapbook store, that's always fun. We stayed up late until about 12:30pm, making some Christmas cards and just chatting away!! It was fun, and the time just flew by.

Sunday, we had a dinner for Vanessa 'cause she leaves for Toronto on Tuesday. So we had a family dinner, Jared was at work unfortunately. My mom made Indian food. It was SO good. So much better than when I made it. We laughed and talked.

Then we gave her some presents, since it looks like she won't be here for Christmas, totally sucks. But her boyfrend is going out to Toronto to be with her so, at least she won't be alone, she gets 5 days off from training for the holidays. And it's just too much trouble for her to come back home. Easier if her boyfriend goes out there. I'm so happy for her that she's going, but I'm going to miss her tons!!


Maria said...

Hi Valery! It looks like you had an awesome weekend too. For me, nothing sounds better than my Michael's (one of my favorite stores) and a trip to the scrapbook store (my LSS is also one of my favorite spots) and of course to have time to visit with family! You did all those three so you must have had a great weekend!

kristi sauer said...

I need to do some major scrap shopping soon! Cute pic of you and your friends!

April said...

sounds like fun! glad you had a good weekend, chicky.