Thursday, October 27, 2005

A bit about...Mrs Magoo

I finally finished this layout, it has been sitting on my desk for a week, I was being very picky about how to do it. Was driving me crazy. I finally just left it alone and then came back to it, and finished it. Happy with how it finally turned out. Check it out on two peas.

I'm just looking at the time, it flew by. I have to start getting ready for work soon and I had so many things I wanted to; some school work, more scrappin, some cardmaking. Ugh!! I guess I'll have to do it later. And the weeekend is coming up, can do tons of stuff then too.

I got to talk to April on Messenger last night. So, happy totally made my day. Finally gettin' to talk to her was fun. A very cool chick. Hopefully you slept okay, sorry about keeping you up. Looking forward to our next chat!!

Hoping everyone has a happy thursday!!

1 comment:

April said...

oh girl it was fun chattin w/ you too! we got to talk about our oh-so-exciting lives...LOL!

super cute it!