Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Got the Wedding Locations!!

Well, I first off must say that I am definelty feeling better, compared to yesterday and it kind of hit me more last night. And I haven't seen him since the weekend so, that makes it hard but I will get to see him tomorrow. But, after talking to Jared on the phone, he sure knows how to make me feel better. Things are okay. The teachers are still on strike, they vote tomorrow, but I do get to go to work on Friday, for like two hours but that's okay, I'm happy. It will be good to see my co-workers and the children. But this morning I booked the heritage farmhouse for our wedding ceremony. We got it. So, in almost 9months, AHHHH so much to do, I will be marrying the love of my life. YAY!! The old farmhouse is really pretty and well be married in the gazebo and then get our pictures taken in the garden and around the old farmhouse. Now, the in photos, it doesn't look really nice, but wait til the summer with the flowers it will be gorgeous. Then, the reception will be at the Scottish Cultural Centre, it looks small but it's actually really big inside. We are able to fit 175people inside. And the bar, the bathrooms and the kitchen is all outside of the hall, which is good. I'll try to get more pictures later. Things are definetly moving along, July 15th will be here before we know it. All I'm looking forward to is officially becoming Mrs. Magoo :)

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April said...

that place looks awesome!

i am going to try and get your picture printed this weekend & scrap it on sunday night. that's the plan!

let me know how the strike thing goes!