Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Mixed Emotions

What a day and night. Good things and bad things. First I'll start with the good, I'm going to do a swap with April, YAY!! I'm so excited!! My first ever swap, cannot wait to start. My mom's friend has said yes, to making Jared and I wedding cake, so excited, another thing to cross of my list. Her name is Luisa and she's like a chef extraordinaire, she also bakes the best cakes. All I know is that I want the cake to be chocolate, but other than that, that's all I know. Okay, now bad. Jared called me at 1am this morning from work telling me that the car won't start. That he has tried many times to start and that it won't so, of course I'm such a worry wart. So, I called him half an hour later to see if he had gotten the car started but no, he ended up taking a cab. I feel so bad, the car is supposed to at up on me 'cause at least I can call BCAA, for some help. So, I didn't really sleep too much, woke up on and off and finally got up at 7am so I could catch a ride with my dad, to the restaurant where Jared works. Got there my dad tried and nothing, so I phoned BCAA, had to wait for 45min, went to Starbucks and waited. I saw a towtruck and I went out and met with him at the restaurant, he tried a couple of times, stepping really hard on the gas and eventually the car started. The rpm was going very irregular and I did make it to the mechanics and now that's where it is, and all I have to do is wait. The car was already there last week, ugh, I just keep thinking about the money and how much it's going to cost, I'm supposed to be saving for the wedding. Well see what happens...


Gizmo said...

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April said...

aawww! im excited too! so fun!

dont sweat the small stuff...you have too much going on to worry about a car. just take it in & breathe.

and add a word verifier to your blog to keep the spammers out! email me if you cant figure out how. its under the settings/comments section in the area where you do your posts.