Thursday, October 06, 2005

Starting to feel the pressure

Well I must say, the whole planning a wedding is definetly starting to get to me. But I also must say that Jared is starting to feel it as well, whew!! There are like a million and one things to do, and it's like the list doesn't seem to the end, and we're just in the beginning stages. Jared is SOOO supportive though, he's defintely not your typical groom where he leaves all the planning up to the bride, he's right there with me, completely involved which I am so thankful for!! As part of my surprise gift that Jared gave me when he proposed was a wedding book and magazine, they are totally helping. He was definetly thinking ahead!! Thank God!! Yesterday we went to leave a deposit and sign a contract for the Scottish Cultural Centre, we got it and the date we wanted!! The wedding is in 9 months, on July 15th, 2006. Saturday we are going to go and check out a heritage farmhouse to have the ceremony at. At least I have one thing to check off my list, now to the other million more...

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