Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Feelin' Good

I am definetly feelin' good, I had a very good day. I woke up to seeing the page that April made for me, and I love it. She just did such an awesome job, lovin' the flowers. So, happy that we did the swap. She's just such an awesome girl, I know we're still just getting to each other, but I like her she ROCKS. THANKS AGAIN APRIL!! Still no work which kind of sucks, but we are doing a bunch of field trips with the children to let the parents know that we care and we're still trying to do everything we can despite the strike. Tomorrow we are going to the pumpkin patch, so excited it's one of the most fun field trips we do during the year. Even I still enjoy it. Then, Friday we're going to have a music class at our music teachers house. And yesterday we went to Go Bananas which is an indoor playground and the children just played, even me. It was fun, I hope we get to go into our school soon, because I'm starting to realize how much I miss seeing the children everyday. They're saying hopefully Monday, we'll see. I've also been feeling very creative, doing tons of scrapbooking, finished the effer dare #12, I just love hoe it turned out. The swirls are tons of fun!! My sister was a little upset that I posted it on two peas, I think it's more embarassment of the pics, but she looks cute, I think. Besides it's my art, right? Today I got to spend the whole day with Jared, which doesn't happen too often. But it was good, did a bunch of wedding stuff. And we figured out a guest list for the engagement party. Jared's parents are throwing us an engagement party, we have 98 people. It's a-lot, but quite a few fro out of town, and it'll be on December 10, so well see if everybody can make it, hopefully they'll be some who have an office Christmas party or something, I'm so awful. Tomorrow we're gonna call around some caterers. Tonight I'm gonna do some more scrappin...YAY!!


Alexandra Wieckowski said...

What a sweet page! Glad you and Jared had a nice day together :D

April said...

you are very welcome!

hope you had fun w/ your sweety!